Putting the love back into furniture design.

We love what we do.

Making beautiful wooden pieces is our passion as we get to put a smile on people's faces.

Our working process.

From initial ideation through to completion, creativity follows as it is an integral part of our process.

Climate Pledge.

We are proud to be directly contributing to a greener future. Using only ethically sourced FSC and PEFC certified wood for the creation of our bespoke furniture pieces.

For every product that we build, we have pledged to plant 1 tree. This directly helps to minimise deforestation and ensures we give back what is taken.

🌳 Total Trees Planted


Our Story.

My name is Aurora Bianchi and I am the owner and master crafter at Di Legno. Our story starts in a small town in the Brescia region of Italy called Ponte di Legno. Coincidently Di Legno in Italian means wooden.

Our History.

My grandfather grew up in Ponte di Legno and was a local carpenter and up until the mid 1970’s his speciality was the manufacture of wooden skis for the local ski resort. He later moved on to bespoke wooden furniture.

Our Future.

Fast forward to present day and that is me in my workshop using all the knowledge and secrets my grandfather taught me. My aim is to make you quality bespoke items with a sprinkle of Italian mastercrafts(wo)men
thrown in.